Why Not Let A Skip Hire Company Handle Your Rubbish Problems?

When it comes to getting rid of rubbish nothing can be more easy than hiring skip company to do the dirty work for you. With one phone call, you can have a skip placed at your home or business and all you have to do is toss in the rubbish. One of the greatest benefits to hiring a skip company is that you don’t have to sort through your rubbish and separate it. A skip company will do that for you and your waste still gets recycled. This is great for those people who are simply too busy to bother with their rubbish. There will be no more need of separate bins for your rubbish and you can simply throw it all in one skip and forget about it.

Another benefit that many of you will enjoy by hiring a skip company is the fact that you will never have to go to the rubbish tip again. Let’s face it, none of us enjoy hauling rubbish to the tip so why even bother with it when someone can do it for us. We all know Petrol is expensive and all those trips to the rubbish tip can add up so having someone pick it up for you will save you both time and money. Speaking of money, when you hire a skip company you only have to pay one flat fee. As long as your skip is not overflowing then you will almost ever incur an extra fee. This is a great way to save money and stay on budget because you will always know what you are going to have to pay.

Many skip hire companies does not care if you share a skip with a neighbor. By sharing the cost of a skip you can have extra money for other things. But just make sure your neighbor agrees not to overload the skip. This may result in a extra fee if the skip has rubbish falling out of it.

Hire a Skip – Do not Fly Tip


What is fly tipping?

Fly-tipping is the unauthorized disposal of waste. The waste includes plastics, organic material and construction debris. It is dumping on land that is not yours and without permission or a licence. In the United Kingdom, this offense attracts a fine of £50,000 or a jail time of five years and seizure of the vehicle used for dumping. This illegal disposal happens on the roadside, public and private land or pavement. If you spot any illegal fly tipping, please click here and report it.

Illegal dumping of waste

This is the unlawful dumping of waste matter. The waste includes old tyres, wreckage material, faulty electronics, old furniture or other items that are no longer in use. It is disposal at unpermitted sites such as vacant land, road-side and unattended places. It is also comprises throwing waste in water bodies.

Expensive to clear up

Fly tipping is very costly. It costs the United Kingdom about £342 million per annum to clean-up affected sites. Additionally, Norwich City Council gets around 350 incidents of fly tipping in a month. The cost associated with this is estimated at £200,000.

The United Kingdom further imposes penalties of up to £50,000 for fly-tipping offenses. Fines vary depending on the extent of damage. In the United States such felonies attract penalties of up to $610,700 for individuals and $1.2 million for companies. In addition, the United States spends about $11.5 billion to clear-up litter every year.

Sunderland City Council spends approximately £605,770 to clean-up from its 10,666 incidents of fly tipping annually. The cost of fly tipping increases year after year and burdens taxpayers and landowners.

Spoils the sight of neighborhoods

Litter ruins the sight of neighbourhoods. Fly tipping contributes to an unappealing environment that looks and feels unsafe. It also draws pests such as cockroaches, flies and rats. Additionally, it looks horrible and spoils the look of public areas such as shopping and recreational facilities. It further makes pavements, drainages, car parks and private land unsightly.

It may not look serious at the start when it is only a piece of paper. However, it becomes a concern when the trash accumulates at the location and ruins the natural beauty.


Causes pollution

Fly tipping contaminates water and soil. Litter in water areas affects the chemical composition of water. This ends up affecting the ecosystem and pollutes the water. Unsafe chemicals also harm the soil. Poor waste treatment further pollutes the air and land. Pollution not only affects visible water bodies, it goes further to harm underground water.

Harms environment

Gases from waste materials contribute to global warming. Marine litter in the ocean affects birds and fish. It also travels and affects wide areas. Land litter such as plastics, cigarettes, old tyres, fast food wrappers and glass bottles, home trash cans, business trash collection areas, loading docks and demolition sites affects lands. This subsequently endangers animal, human and plant life. Rubbish also attracts parasites and bacteria.

Litter such as tobacco waster, oils and chemicals contaminate water. They affect the acidity of water which in turn makes it unsafe for drinking. Moreover, litter clogs drainage systems and causes flooding

Human health

Litter carries with it a lot of germs and parasites. Human beings therefore get disease-causing germs because of waste. Flies, mice or cockroaches further aid to spread germs. Human beings contact the following ailments from bacteria and virus found in litter:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Staphylococcal food poisoning
  • Shigellosis
  • Skin infections
  • Tetanus
  • Trachoma
  • Hepatitis A
  • Murray Valley encephalitis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Ross River virus disease

People may also get parasites and germs such as hookworms, threadworms and roundworm. In addition, physical injury may arise from piles of dirt.


Litter costs both human and animal lives. There are many incidents in which litter hurts and traps animals. These incidents are preventable if litter is eliminated.

Animal get their heads, necks and body parts stuck in containers. They also get cuts and bruises as they look for food in heaps of waste. Normal useful items become harmful to animals. These include: fishing nets, balloons, elastic bands, glass and cans. Some animals suffocate in plastic bags or chock while eating them.

The benefits of using a skip hire company


There are often times when a lot of waste will be generated and in these situations a skip can be used as an effective way in which to store all this waste. There are many reasons as to why a skip can be beneficial and in this article we will outline some of these reasons.

Saves on time

One of the best reasons for hiring a skip is that it saves time. If you are working in a commercial setting such as that of a building site, a skip will save you time and will stop you having to travel from the building site to another location in order to get rid of the waste. This will also come into effect in any other situation where a lot of waste is generated. By having a skip placed nearby, one only needs to travel to and from the skip in order to dispense of the waste.


A skip is particularly useful in a commercial situation which is being organized by an institution such as a school or a club. Large events can often generate a lot of mess and by ordering a skip, you can easily clean up after this event. Moving house can also often be an event that generates a lots of mess and it is therefore good idea to invest in a skip that can be used to collect all of this waste.


The good thing about a skip company is that they will usually recycle the waste that is generated within the skip. There will often be times both in personal and commercial settings where a lot of the waste that can be recycled. This will include products such as wood chip, sand fill and soil, that can all be recycled effectively and used again in different ways. Many individuals may be generating a lot of green rubbish and this may involve items such as leaves, grass, bark, wood, branches, fencing and tree trimming waste that can all be recycled effectively. For example Kent County Council are firm believers in the process of recycling when it comes to disposing of your household waste. The same ethos should also be applied when disposing of waste from skips and Skip Hire Kent share that same ethos. Skip Hire Kent respect the environment and are dedicated to recycling waste correctly.

A safe way of moving hazardous waste

The hiring of the skip can also be the best way in which to remove any hazardous waste that may be generated. This may include material such as that of asbestos, which needs to be removed and disposed of in a safe and effective way. This may include asbestos sheeting that will be common in roof tiling and installation.